Advantages & Disadvantages of Computer Technology
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In The Beginning
Computer technology fills our world, from the timing of the traffic lights to advanced theoretical modeling and space exploration. While use of computer technology is now commonplace, such has not always been the case.
The Main Steps
The first all-electronic computer was built in 1943 and was run by vacuum tubes. By the late 1950's, semiconductors were in use and by the 1960's, computers were found at major universities. Home computers became common in the 1980's and 1990's, when laptops became popular among students.
Computer technology revolutionized the calculation of formulas in mathematics and physics as well as brought about the space race. Computer technology is now used in theoretical modeling and medical research.
While computer technology changes by the minute, the past 50 years are considered to be the modern age of computing. The first mechanical calculator, the abacus, was invented around 3000 B.C.
Computer technology allows for processing of information faster than the human brain can calculate. However, such technology is prone to errors and is at the mercy of mechanical components which can wear out and software which can become corrupted by computer viruses.
Nearly everything in our modern world is influenced by computer technology. Timing of traffic signals, telecommunications, and even time keeping are controlled by advanced computer technology. In our everyday lives, a simple trip to the grocery can result in multiple interfaces with computer technology.
The benefits of computer technology include scientific discovery, advanced communications, and the speed of processing information.
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