How to Convert a Windows Word DOC to a JPEG Picture
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In The Beginning
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Microsoft Word allows a user to create text documents like reports, stories and letters for printing or electronic sharing. Opening a ".DOC" file, the file type for Microsoft Word, requires that you have a version of Word installed on the viewing computer. Converting the file into a JPEG, or picture file type which is readable by nearly all computer operating systems, will help viewers without Word to view your documents.
The Main Steps
Open your DOC file in Word in a full screen window. Scroll to the part of the screen you wish to turn into a JPEG file.
Hit the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard once. This key is located between the "F12" key and the "Scroll Lock" key in the upper right hand corner of your keyboard. There will be no on-screen indication that you have pressed the key.
Open Microsoft Windows Paint. This program comes standard with all Microsoft operating systems. Click inside the white work space with your mouse. Hit "Ctrl" and "V" on the keyboard simultaneously. This is the keyboard shortcut for the "Paste" command. Alternatively, you may choose "Edit" then "Paste" from the top tool bar menu. After choosing paste, an image of the screen with the Word document on it will appear.
Choose "File" then "Save As" from the top file menu in the Paint window. Choose a location on your hard drive for the file, and give it a new file name under "File Name." A JPEG file type will automatically be chosen from the drop down menu under "File Type." Click "Save" to finish the saving process.
Download the Universal Document Converter by typing in the URL located in the Resources section of this article and pressing the blue download button. The download is free. Click "Run" for the installation when prompted. The download will take several minutes.
Open your DOC file in Word once the program has finished downloading. Choose "File" and "Print" from the top toolbar menu options. A "Print" window will appear. Under printer "Name," choose "Universal Document Converter" from the drop down menu. Then, select the "Properties" button to the right of the Name field. A "Properties" window will appear.
Choose "Load Settings" from the menu on the left hand side of the properties window. A window titled "Open" will appear showing several file options from which to choose. Double-click the file that is titled "Text Document to PDF." The "Open" window will automatically close.
Click on the "File Format" button on the left hand side menu of the Properties window. Choose "JPEG image" from the drop down menu that appears. Press "OK" to finish the converting process. The document will begin to convert automatically. When it is finished, the JPEG will appear on your screen in the Windows Picture Viewer.
Click the floppy disk image at the bottom of the Picture Viewer screen to make the "Save As" window appear. Choose a location and file name for the document. Click "Save" to save your newly converted JPEG file.


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