How to Have the Internet Without a Home Phone
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In The Beginning
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Many people now use cellular phones exclusively and do not have land-line home phones. Fortunately, you do not need a home phone to have Internet access in your house. There are many alternatives available across the country that can get you online and surfing the web.
The Main Steps
Call the Internet cable company and set up an account and time to install cable Internet in your home. Explain whether you have existing outlets or if the company will have to equip your home for wiring and service. Test the new Internet cable connections while the cable installer is on-site. The account and your Internet access should be immediately available for your use. If you already have cable television in your home, adding Internet service is simple, often with a phone call and picking up an installation kit from their local office.
Check your home for cable outlets. While not necessary for cable Internet access, you can have them wired into your home. Alternatively, have the cable installer drill a small hole through the exterior of your home and affix their modem directly onto the end of the cable. This will allow you to broadcast the signal throughout your home with a wireless network.
Order DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service through a telephone company without ordering a home telephone plan. While these companies run their Internet service through the existing telephone wiring of your home, voice and DSL run independent of one another and you do not need both.
Contact wireless technology companies such as Clearwire, which offer wireless service in your home without any wires or home-and-mobile plans that provide the opportunity to take a modem with you on the road. The availability of this service is largely centered around major metropolitan areas so check their service map before ordering.
Connect to the Internet with your cell phone account. Use of a USB modem, PC card modem, portable Wi-Fi modem or netbook, all available from cellular phone companies, to access the Internet from any location that can receive a wireless signal. Or, select phones that act as an Internet 3-G hot-spot, allowing you to share its Internet connection with other computers or laptops within the immediate area. Cellular mobile broadband is also available in most areas of the United States.


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