How to Manually Reset an Epson Ink Pad
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In The Beginning
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Epson is one of the largest distributors of computer printers, information and corresponding imaging technologies and equipment. An ink-jet printer creates a digital image by launching varying sizes of ink drops onto paper that are generated by computers. Epson ink pads collect and distribute any excess ink when printing and keep the Epson printer free from over saturation. In the event that the ink pads run their life cycle a warning light will be lit on the printer. If printer replacement is not an option for you, manually resetting the Epson ink pad requires a few steps to configure.
The Main Steps
Turn the printer on.
Download and install the software resetter application. Click "Extract" once the software has been installed.
Open the extracted folder and click "AdjProg.exe" and then click "Accept."
Click "Particular Adjustment Mode."
Click "Waste Pad Ink Counter" then "OK." Select the initialization button and click "OK." You have now manually reset the Epson ink pad.
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