How to Save YouTube Videos Into a File
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In The Beginning
When you find a video that you really like on any popular video-sharing site, like YouTube, you should keep in mind that the video may not always be available. If the YouTube staff deems the video to be in violation of site policies, the video may be removed from the site. Likewise, the user who uploaded the YouTube video can take the video down at any time. To make sure you can always view a favorite YouTube video, you can download the video to a file that can be stored on your computer for future viewing.
The Main Steps
Open ClipNabber, KeepVid or Vixy in your Web browser (see Resources). All three sites offer simple systems for downloading video from websites, such as YouTube.
Go to another tab or another browser window and open YouTube. Search for the YouTube video that you would like to save and click on the link.
Highlight the video's URL in the Web browser's address bar.
Open the "Edit" menu and choose "Copy," or press "Ctrl+C." The video's URL is copied to the system clipboard.
Return to ClipNabber, KeepVid or Vixy in the other tab or browser window. Paste the video URL you copied into the box provided by right-clicking in the box and choosing "Paste," or by clicking in the box and pressing "Ctrl+V."
Press the "Nab Video" button in ClipNabber or the "Download" button in KeepVid. Click the arrow by "Converts to" to see the format options in Vixy, select the format of your choice--such as AVI or MOV--and click "Start." The video file from YouTube is converted by the system and download links are provided for downloading the file.
Click the download link in Vixy or either of the two download links in ClipNabber or KeepVid. One link on ClipNabber or KeepVid is the video in MP4 format and the other is the same video footage in FLV format. Both of these file formats are small and ideal for storing on your computer's hard drive.
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