How to Tell If Someone Blocks Your Email Address
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In The Beginning
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If someone blocks your email address using his own email client, you won't be able to send that person messages. If you try to send a message, it will be immediately sent right back into your inbox and will be labeled as "Undeliverable." Therefore, if you want to check and see whether a particular person has blocked your email address, the simplest thing to do would be to try to send him a message and see what happens.
The Main Steps
Open your email client. This is the program that you use to send and receive email. This can be a program like Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live, or your Web browser if you have a Web email account.
Click "Compose" or "New Message" to open a new message window.
Type the recipient's email address--one you know to be valid and working--into the "To..." box. Give the message a subject and a brief body. Click "Send."
Click "Inbox." If the message you tried to send immediately shows up in your inbox, that particular recipient is blocking your email address.
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