How to View My Toolbar
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In The Beginning
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When you download certain programs or software a toolbar that is compatible with your Internet web browser is also offered along with the download. These toolbars are developed to help you access different Internet features and to have a better and faster browsing experience. Popular toolbars Internet users have installed in their web browsers include the Navigation Toolbar and Bookmarks Toolbar as well as the Yahoo!, AIM and Answers Toolbars. If you want to view any of your toolbars displayed on your browser's window, you can easily complete this task through your browser's menu bar.
The Main Steps
Launch you Firefox web browser.
Click on the "View" preference tab located on the top left of the browser's window.
Click on the "Toolbars" option featured on the drop-down menu and a sub menu will then be displayed with all the toolbars you have on your browser. The toolbars with a check-mark beside them are the toolbars that are displayed on your Firefox window. If you want to view a toolbar that isn't being displayed on your browser, simply click on it.
Launch Internet Explorer.
Click on the "Tools" menu tab situated on the top right in the menu bar.
Place your mouse's cursor on the "Toolbars" option displayed on the drop-down menu and a sub menu will appear on the side with a list of toolbars available on your Internet Explorer browser. The toolbars that have a check next to them are the ones your Explorer browser is displaying. You can view a toolbar on your browser's window by clicking on it.
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